Working with you has been an interesting and very rewarding experience. I had such a negative view of food in the sense of being on many different diet programs and when you didn’t lose or you didn’t do what they asked you were shamed or made to feel guilty of the choices of food that you made and the only result from that was more negative choices. What I learned from you was how food affects your moods how you feel in general about yourself and it’s a much more positive experience. I have learned food is not your enemy but when you make better choices you feel good about yourself and it’s very empowering! Everyone needs to have a healthy relationship with food, it’s a journey like life. JULIE is an inspiring life coach so positive never shaming or criticizing you for not the best choices. One learns from their mistakes and move on you can’t undo the past. We all stumble in life and we learn from it and move on JULIE is an amazing person and anybody that would have the opportunity to work with her would be fortunate. it’s a very uplifting experience. Julie is a joy to work with!