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Thrive Nutrition and Wellness, LLC is the home of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Julie Feldman MPH, RDN. Julie is a nationally recognized nutrition expert, counselor, speaker spokesperson and author who has helped thousands of individuals live a healthier life.

Julie’s 25-year career includes hundreds of appearances on FOX 2, ABC, and NBC news in Detroit. She has been the media representative for the Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and has served as a spokesperson for Coca Cola, KIND Bars, The National Fishery Institute, Bed Bath and Beyond, Azteca Foods and more. Julie is a national speaker for Mead Johnson Corporation where she educates physicians, nurses and fellow dietitians on the benefits of advanced infant formula. Julie serves as a facilitator for the Obesity Interventions in Adults and Pediatrics program that is taught around the country. She speaks regularly at The University of Michigan as well as at Orangetheory Fitness locations in around the country. Julie is also proud to be partners with some of the best physicians in Metro Detroit in the nutritional care of their patients.


Julie’s approach to health and wellness is unique. With a deep appreciation and understanding of the emotional components that are key determinants to our success, Julie is able to synthesize evidence-based nutrition science with compassion, mindfulness and a personal touch to create a unique and life-changing approach to well-being. Julie provides trauma-informed care to children and adults in a peaceful setting every day.


Focus On Families

Julie entered the world of dietetics with the primary goal of helping children to learn how to lead a happy and healthy life.  As a child that dealt with issues around weight, Julie began the process of transforming her mind and body at the age of 12. Throughout her lifelong and continuing journey, Julie is in touch with the feelings and emotions that face children that deal with weight as an issue. Julie believes that children are never too young to learn the connection between a balanced diet and a strong body.

Her approach to working with kids on all issues is to empower them with the knowledge they need to feel confident in any situation. Julie speaks to families with language that kids understand so that the entire family is educated. As a mother of three children, Julie understands firsthand the pressures of the daily routine and how to make a balanced diet “fit” into our busy schedules.

Value-Driven Nutrition

When it comes to food we often focus solely on when to eat and what to eat, however this way of thinking leaves out the important question of WHY we eat what we do when we do it. The truth is nutrition is NOT a one size fits all topic of conversation. For each of us, different nutritional choices will make sense at different points throughout our life. Julie’s unique approach to providing Value Driven Nutrition counseling allows her clients, both kids and adults, to use their own personal values to help drive the nutrition conversation. Too often we think of food as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. This type of thinking leads to negative thoughts and self-talk when we participate in certain moments throughout our life, like eating birthday cake at a party or sharing in appetizers for a holiday get together. Helping clients to see that their decisions are driven by their personal values rather than just a lack of control around food can help to keep a positive mindset as clients aim to change their relationship with food. Furthermore, connecting a client with their values truly provides them with a road map for making decisions in their life. Value Driven Nutrition is a game changing approach to health and wellness that removes the feelings of restriction many experience. If you have dieted unsuccessfully in the past, this mindset shift may be just the refresh you are looking for.


Julie’s experience, confidence and knowledge shines through in her work as a public speaker and nutrition educator. Whether she is lecturing to a group of new moms or to a group of physicians and nurses, Julie shares her passion for the importance of good nutrition in a personable and approachable way.

Julie speaks to groups, both large and small, and is able to create motivating wellness-based presentations that call to action the listeners. In a workplace setting, wellness presentations improve morale and increase productivity. In a social setting, wellness presentations generate camaraderie and increase participation.

Corporate Wellness

The Mission of Thrive@work is to echo the directive of your companies’ leadership by improving the health and wellness of its entire staff creating an enhanced quality of life and in turn an enhanced qualtiy of work. What does it mean to THRIVE? Thriving is growing or developing well or vigorously, to prosper and to flourish. Thriving is not simply surviving, but rather reaching to the next level in all that we do. When it comes to health and wellness for most people it may feel that there are roadblocks in the path to achieving optimal outcomes. Thrive@work will be a platform designed from the ground up to cater specifically to the needs of the your workforce to remove those roadblocks. Through Education, Empowerment, Community building, Story telling and of course Incentives, Thrive@ will partner with employees to improve physical and mental health. Thrive@work is unique. It will be a trauma-informed, weight neutral, eating disorder informed approach to adressing employee’s healthcare needs. Our goal is to raise people up, not to label or shame. We will ask “What happened to you” rather than “What’s wrong with you” because we will recognize that many of our lifestyle decisions are mere reactions and coping mechanisms and that each of us has the right and the ability to learn how to take care of themselves in the most optimal way.

Let’s work together to let your employees Thrive@work

Dietitian Mentorship and Supervision

Becoming and practicing as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is one of the most rewarding career paths in the world. My journey in the work that I do began 24 years ago and was only enhanced because of the incredible mentors I had at the beginning of my practice. As a private practice dietitian with an extensive background in mental health there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my practice pearls with new and veteran dietitians looking to venture deeper into the psychological aspects of our relationship with food and who want to help clients turn knowledge into action. So many clients will say “I know what to do but I’m just not doing it,” and there is a reason that is the case. Knowledge is amazing but our decision making is complicated and knowledge alone doesn’t make choices.

Teaching trauma-informed nutrition counseling to other dietitians is my passion. If you find yourself counseling clients and feeling stuck in your work, or counseling clients and don’t feel you have the skills to help them dive deeper into their food relationships I’d love to be able to help you to develop those skills. There is a tremendous body of information that exists including therapeutic frameworks, mindfulness techniques, and numerous tips and tricks that can truly allow you to help your clients in new and unimaginable ways.

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